Maryland Avenue Panoramas at 28” x 8’ wide (other sizes available.

Maryland Avenue Panoramas at 28” x 8’ wide (other sizes available.

Foto Montage

Surreal digitally modified images, and landscapes by Dimitri Fotos, photographer and a native Annapolitan.

We will unveil Dimitris new photo collages of Maryland Avenue, presented in panorama format.

Dimitri Fotos

“There seems to be what one might call a dichotomy in the style that I work; I am both a fine artist and a commercial photographer with works such as wedding photography, portrait photography, as well as commercial and photo restorations. Versatility perhaps and a life of experience and my education in my profession make this possible. When I make a portrait, I am the fine artist and at the wedding, I look for compositional balance and descriptive lighting that will render beauty on to the bride. My craft as the artist is never complete until a fine print is made with all necessary adjustments on the computer to get the image I want and one the client will be amazed by. I make my own prints in-house most of the time. Nearly all my work now is digital, yet, I still use film for special projects or by request. Often, I mix film with digital with special set-ups.”


Night view outside the gallery. Image taken by BeeprB.

First visitors to the Opening of Dimitrios Fotos

Jo and Demetri pose at the reception in front of Black and White Images.

Demetrios speaking about his black and white images.

Steven Grodnitsky, Demetrios Fotos and Josh Tongue conversing about the new image of Maryland Avenue.

Steven Krensky the Mad Hatter "foliated" the opening.