Cut Paper Collage and mixed media environmental work are shown by Anna Fine Foer with handmade furniture by Gary E Stiewing.

The Artists

Anna Fine Foer

While a fibers/crafts major at Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts) Anna became fascinated by the relationship between maps and the land they represent, embarking on a lifelong interest in maps and collage.

Her work has appeared at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Maryland Governor’s Mansion, and the Israeli Embassy and is in the permanent collection of the Haifa Museum of Art and the Beer-Sheva Biblical Museum.

Gary Stiewing

From wooden boats, suspension, bridge, timber frame and straw bale homes, to his latest endeavors in furniture, Gary has been dedicated to building with spirit – the tree, yours, and his. Recognizing the importance of caring for our earth, he uses locally and ethically sourced raw materials and sustainable building practices.  The result is maximizing the inherent beauty of what is already there – the wood, and minimizing our carbon footprint.


“Globally Sourced” Collage Mixed Media

“Magnetic Fields” Collage Mixed Media

“Terra Cognita” Collage Mixed Media


“Wind Farm” Collage Mixed Media

The Gallery

White Walnut Scissor Table by Gary Stiewing.